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Solei Sea

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GISEL - FlamingoGISEL - Flamingo
GISEL - Flamingo Sale price$72.00
GISEL - NavyGISEL - Navy
GISEL - Navy Sale price$72.00
GISEL - NoirGISEL - Noir
GISEL - Noir Sale price$72.00
GISEL - SandGISEL - Sand
GISEL - Sand Sale price$72.00
GISEL - ShellGISEL - Shell
GISEL - Shell Sale price$72.00
GISEL - WhiteGisel Puffy Flip Flop Sandal in white
GISEL - White Sale price$72.00
Indie Antique Grey SandalIndie Antique Grey Sandal
Indie Antique Grey Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Black Out SandalIndie Black Out Sandal
Indie Black Out Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Black Patent with White Pearl SandalPatent Black with White Pearl Flip Flops from Solei Sea Sandals for women
Indie Black Snake Print SandalBlack Snake Print Sandal Flip Flop
Indie Black with Patent Strap SandalSolei Indie Flip Flop Sandal Black with Black Patent Strap
Indie Bubbly SandalIndie Bubbly Sandal
Indie Bubbly Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Cafe SandalIndie Cafe Sandal
Indie Cafe Sandal Sale price$54.00
Save $11.00Indie Camo & Orange SandalIndie Camo & Orange Sandal
Indie Camo & Orange Sandal Sale price$43.00 Regular price$54.00
Indie Camo Metallic Blue SandalIndie Camo Metallic Blue Sandal
Indie Camo Metallic Gold & Lilac SandalIndie Camo Metallic Gold & Lilac Sandal
Indie Camo Metallic Noir SandalMetallic Camo Noir Solei Sea Flip Flops in Black on Black with shine!
Indie Cappuccino SandalIndie Cappuccino Sandal
Indie Cappuccino Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Champagne SandalChampagne sandals wedding roses metallic
Indie Champagne Sandal Sale price$54.00
Save $11.00Indie Claret & Pink SandalClaret Red with Pink Accent Sandals for women
Indie Claret & Pink Sandal Sale price$43.00 Regular price$54.00
Indie Elvis Black with StudsIndie Elvis Black with Studs
Indie Floral SandalSolei Sea flip flop with floral print
Indie Floral Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Glitter - ChampagneIndie Glitter - Champagne
Indie Glitter - Champagne Sale price$59.00
Indie Glitter - Disco BlackIndie Flip Flop in all black with glitter straps, padded footbed, and padded arch support
Indie Green SandalIndie Green Sandal
Indie Green Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Hot Pink SandalIndie Hot Pink Sandal
Indie Hot Pink Sandal Sale price$54.00
sandal by solei sea in silver icy colorSolei Sea Indie Sandal in Icy colorway
Indie Icy Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Latte SandalIndie Latte Flip Flop Sandal for Women
Indie Latte Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Lemon SandalIndie Lemon Sandal
Indie Lemon Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Leopard - BlackIndie Leopard - Black
Indie Leopard - Black Sale price$59.00
Indie Leopard - MarshmellowIndie Leopard - Marshmellow
Indie Light Grey Python Print SandalIndie Light Grey Python Print Sandal
Indie Light Nude Patent SandalSolei Vegan Patent Leather Nude Color
Indie Light Taupe PatentIndie Light Taupe Patent
Indie Light Taupe Patent Sale price$54.00
Indie Marine SandalIndie Marine Sandal
Indie Marine Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Metallic Denim SandalIndie Metallic Denim Sandal
Indie Metallic Gold SandalIndie Metallic Gold Sandal
Indie Metallic Pewter SandalIndie Metallic Pewter Sandal
Indie Metallic Rose Gold SandalSandals and flowers flip flop lifestyle
Indie Metallic Silver SandalIndie Metallic Silver Sandal
Soléi Classic Indie Sandal with a mini bow on the patent straps. Light Barbie Pink! So cute!Indie Mini Bow - Barbie Pink
Indie Mini Bow - BlackIndie Mini Bow - Black
Indie Mini Bow - Black Sale price$69.00
Indie Mini Bow - NudeIndie Mini Bow - Nude
Indie Mini Bow - Nude Sale price$69.00
Indie Navy Patent SandalIndie Navy Patent Sandal
Indie Navy Patent Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Neon Pink SandalIndie Neon Pink Sandal
Indie Neon Pink Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Nude & Pink SandalModel on Worth Avenue wearing solei sea nude and pink flip flop sandals
Indie Nude & Pink Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Nude SandalIndie Nude Sandal
Indie Nude Sandal Sale price$54.00
Indie Nude with Patent Nude Strap SandalIndie Nude with Patent Nude Strap Sandal