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Article: Condé Nast Traveller, July/Aug 2021: The Luxury Gift Guide

Condé Nast Traveller, July/Aug 2021: The  Luxury Gift Guide

Condé Nast Traveller, July/Aug 2021: The Luxury Gift Guide


Conde Nast Traveller Cover Photo Featuring Solei Sea Sandals

Soléi Sea
What Sets Us Apart

We know there are lots of flip-flop and sandal companies out there; in fact, as shoe gals ourselves, we pretty much have them ALL. (And probably, like you, we just love to try the new thing!) But we think it’s essential for you—our discerning, stylish customer—to know what really makes Soléi different, what sets us apart.

The Soléis

Comfort—First and foremost, we designed Soléis to be comfortable. Most of the popular flips we have worn in the past were unbearably flat and definitely weren’t cut out to be worn for an entire day or even just an evening. With little to no support, these flat flips gave us back pain and tired, sore feet. That’s why Soléis have a padded foot-bed and arch support. We wanted our shoes to be wearable and to not only make your feet look good, but feel good, too.

Water-Resistant— We don’t recommend taking a bath in your Soléis, but a little water won’t hurt. And since we know you wear flip flops to the beach, the pool, and all the other fun, wet places you go, we created them to be water-resistant.

Vegan Leather—Soléis are crafted of vegan leather—a material alternative to traditional animal-based leather that reduces our carbon footprint. With animal rights and the environment at the forefront of many conversations, vegan leather use is on the rise and we’re here for it. Vegan leather is also more light-weight than leather but looks like the real thing, making it a comfortable, functional, and stylish alternative.  

Colors & Patterns Galore—We know you’re a dynamic woman with different styles, hobbies, likes and dislikes, and even different personalities some days, (we’ve all been there!). Soléis come in a variety of colors from neutrals and classics, to bold and daring. Our color palette and patterns reflect our customers and we’re always coming out with new combinations, so you’ll never run out of choices.

A Little Extra Something—We’re all about the extras these days, (with so many choices, who isn’t?). Soléis come in a cute, washable, and reusable drawstring bag. Keep your flips in them when you travel or use it for your makeup or jewelry—the possibilities are endless. We also secure Soléis with a cute ponytail holder because we know that finding one of those when you need one is like finding a long lost sock, (where do they all go?!).

The Soléi Sisters

Women-Owned & Operated—Did you know that businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue?! In fact, female startups earn more than twice as much per dollar invested as those founded by men. We’re proud to be an entirely woman owned business and we believe strongly in supporting other women in their endeavors. We choose to collaborate with women that reflect the Soléi Sea mission. Our goal is to foster a community that empowers female entrepreneurs through conversation, support, advice, and friendship.  

We Care About the Environment—Waste not, shop a lot—that’s one of our mottos. We use eco-minded practices as often as possible in our packaging and the Soléis are made with some recycled materials in the outsoles. We’ll keep working to lessen our impact and always defer to the most environmentally sound practices whenever we can.  

Giving Back—Part of the reason we started this business was to have a platform to give back to our communites and show support to organizations and causes we care about. We have several initiatives in the works and have already donated resources to grassroots movements that focus on women and children living in shelters, LGBTQ rights groups, and environmental causes.

We hope you enjoy Soléis just as much as we do. Not only the shoes themselves, but the care and consideration we’ve taken in creating our brand.  

And if you need help choosing a color or have any questions, DM us on social or contact us on our website,  One more thing—when they say “having it all,” they mean all the flip-flops, right?

Have a Soléi day!


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