Condé Nast Luxury Gift Guide Featuring Soléi Sea

Soléi Summer Starts NOW

It’s Memorial Day Weeeeekennnnddd!!!!!! (pardon our energy). And, wow, do things look and feel different than last year—we’ve never been more ready for the summer months. While in our coastal homes we enjoy sunshine and blue skies most of the year, we’re really feeling the excitement of safely traveling again, getting outside, seeing friends and family, and getting back to some of our fave destinations.

And all of that joy kicks off this weekend!

We found this fantastic article from Condé Nast Traveller, (a Soléi staple!) and thought we’d share because it’s just that good. (Check out the image above of the June 2021 Hotlist featuring Soléi Sea!)

So whether you’re staying home this weekend and enjoying a low-key day off, or you’re headed to the ultimate yacht party, we hope you’re feeling Soléi relaxed, amused, and inspired.

Cheers to looking forward to the warmer, happier months ahead!

Solefully Yours,
The Soléi Sisters


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These flips are so cute and soooo comfy. I love the arch support, genius! I can walk in them all day long.