Soléi Sea Pairs Style with Sustainability

Soléi Sea Pairs Style with Sustainability
6 Ways We’re Striving to Make Environmentally Friendly Sandals

Like any good brand, we’re conscious of our environmental footprint. When we created Soléi Sea sandals, we were determined to see if it was possible to design a cool, comfortable, and eco-friendly flip flop. What we discovered were some pretty incredible ways to add eco-conscious practices to our designs and we figured you’d want to know about them!

Here are 6 eco-friendlier practices we’ve implemented in creating Soléis:

Vegan Leather—As opposed to traditional leather, vegan leather is a human-made material. By using vegan leather for all of our sandals, we’re doing our part to reduce the negative environmental practices of traditional leather production.

Organic Fibers—Every element of our sandals has had a sustainable makeover, even the hidden pieces that hold each shoe together. Our straps are reinforced with recycled fiber webbing which means we’ve created a more environmentally friendly sandal, one piece at a time.

Sublimation Printing—Our vivid color schemes and fun prints are created using a sublimation process. Unlike traditional screen printing, there is no messy liquid ink or toxic solvents. Additionally, the sublimation process prints all the colors at once, reducing the handling required. Sublimation printing also uses a white-based fabric and therefore doesn’t require water-intensive chemical dyeing processes.

Sandals Made from Recycled Materials—Soléis are made with a paper-lasting board with recycled content, now more common in footwear. These lasting board products are manufactured using recycled post-consumer raw materials and post-production scrap.

Recycled Rubber Outsole—The bottom of our sandals are made with a rubber outsole containing a percentage of recycled materials. This process results in almost no manufacturing waste scrap. The supplier of our soles uses a unique compound that reprocesses post-consumer and post-production materials into high-quality, attractive parts.

Water-Based Cement—Our soles and the foam parts of Soléis are bonded together with water-based cement—a more sustainable choice because it contains no toxic solvents or chemicals. Water-based shoe cement is better for the health of the manufacturers and the environment as a whole. New advances in water-based bonding technology have also improved its strength and reduced the energy required to finish the process.

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These flips are so cute and soooo comfy. I love the arch support, genius! I can walk in them all day long.